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Clients who have transformed their lives with the help of Health Life Balance

“I’ve lost 2 stone 7 pounds (16kg), I have a whole new wardrobe and I feel absolutely amazing. I couldn’t have done it without Linda’s support.


She was so encouraging every week and had great tips and advice to keep me on track. The recipes are brilliant, being able to eat healthy treats like muffins made it easy to stick to.


I have changed my relationship with food forever.” 

Jackie R, Dublin 

“When I first met you, I was struck by your energy, determination and focus on me. You wanted to know my story. You were interested in me.

You educated me on how to approach food with a healthier attitude, to recognise when I was hungry and not just craving food or being bored

One of the guidelines you gave me, and I now live by is ‘if you have a slip, acknowledge it, move on and get back on track’ that has been a saving grace for me. Forgive yourself. This stopped me from giving up and continuing down the slippery track I was on.

I have learnt so much from your programme. It is a holistic programme which includes nutritional training, developing good eating habits, understanding the psychology that is driving my eating habits, the recipes, the alternative food items, planning my meals and of course, exercising.

Most of all, it is you, Linda, your coaching, your mentoring, being kind and empathetic and being strong and tough when you need to be. It is this that has kept me on track to achieving my weight loss.

I just want to say ‘thank you, Linda’. I would never have achieved this without your wisdom, encouragement, and expertise.” 

Annemarie, Dublin – lost 2 ½ stone

“It was one of the best phone calls I ever made – ringing Linda O’Leary – who better to guide you only someone who has been there themselves – Inspirational I would say !


I achieved my goal over a seven-month period due to the brilliant guidance and support from Linda – I could not recommend her highly enough.” 

Peter, Dublin – Lost 4 Stone

“I couldn’t face going back to other weekly weight loss programmes I’d attempted previously. I was sick of thinking about my weight so when I heard about Linda & saw from her website how she had lost so much weight herself I felt that at least she would understand how difficult it is.

The sessions with Linda & the programme itself were so motivating & she has a way of ‘getting into your head’ so that I actually wanted to stick with what I was supposed to do & change my way of eating. It has just been fantastic – for the 1st time in my life I went on summer holidays & came back a pound lighter, i.e., I just didn’t want to go off the rails & she gave me tips & a hand-out to keep me motivated.

 I’ve lost just over 2 stone now, gone from a size 16 trousers to a size 12.  Every part of the programme is brilliant – the 1-1 sessions with Linda, the hand-outs, the food diary, her practical advice & no-nonsense approach.  I’d recommend this to anyone who is trying to take back control of their eating & is sick of losing weight & then putting it back on, yet again. You’re worth it!” 

Anne, Dublin – Lost 2 ½ stone

"I was a bit apprehensive joining this programme, but Linda immediately put me at ease and her enthusiasm is catching. She is always very courteous, welcoming, and non-judgmental. Her handouts are highly informative and easy to follow. Results were immediate for me, losing 22 lbs in approx. 7 weeks and I have maintained my new weight. My new-found awareness of healthy eating will remain with me for life. Thanks Linda!!"

William, Wicklow – Lost 1 ½ stone

"I still can’t believe I reached my goal in such a short time. I have learned new and interesting ways to prepare food.  It’s the first time I have lost weight without being hungry, or irritable.  A few of my friends and family are also attending Linda at Health Life Balance and all have been success stories just like me. Linda is always at the end of the phone if you need her.  Her words of encouragement when I slip up have made all the difference, instead of beating myself up, I just get back on track straight away.  The whole experience has been life changing and I will never look back. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this programme, I am still happily maintaining my weight loss 3 years on."

Lynda, Dublin – Lost 2 stone

Before I met Linda, I started a diet most Mondays and sometimes got to Tuesday evening before the old habits took over. I was quite physically active, but I could not get the eating right at all.

Linda helped me to understand why I was eating the way I was and how I could change my habits. She was so motivating and kept me accountable which encouraged me to make the right choices.

I was snacking constantly, and we replaced the unhealthy sugary items with healthier options and that was a great start. The first two weeks on the regime were tough but once I got past the cravings I was up and running.

I now eat mindfully and enjoy every mouthful as opposed to horsing my food down and thinking that I am still hungry.

Linda shared some great life hacks, and I can categorically state that I would still be in the rut without her help. It is the best money I’ve spent in several years!"

Sean, Dublin – Lost 5 ½ stone

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