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From the age of 15, I was comfort eating, crash dieting and secret eating. By 26, I topped the scales at 19 stone 7 pound (124kg) and was totally miserable. I was ashamed of what I had done to my body. I had developed a dysfunctional ‘love-hate’ relationship with food. 

I discovered my problem wasn’t just the food I ate, it was the reasons why I over-ate. By identifying my eating triggers, I realised I could change my reactions and behaviour. Self-awareness and discipline are vital to lose and maintain weight. 

I have successfully lost 10 stone (63kg) and maintained a healthy weight ever since. I now use my knowledge and experience to coach my clients through their weight loss journey to reach their personal goals. 


My Coaching Style: 

I find a holistic approach works best for my clients. Together we look at the entire picture so we can identify the areas to focus on. I motivate and support throughout their weight loss journey and act as an accountability partner to ensure continuous progress towards their goal. 

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